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The Sighthound club of Slovenia was established on the 18th October 1993 as an individual breed club with the aim to cater for the sighthound population in terms of breeding monitoring to event organisation.

The members diligently started working and the very next year and organised the 1st Sighthound speciality show as a part of the international CACIB Ljubljana 1994.

Besides organising the dog shows, club started with other activities, such as club gatherings, breeding examinations and annual Christmas/New Year dinners.
In 1996 the club organised a second speciality for sighthounds in Kodeljevo as a part of the international CACIB Ljubljana dog show.
In 1997 the third speciality show for sighthounds was organised, also under the CACIB LJUBLJANA, with the CAC title award. Simultaneously with the dog show, the promotion of the lure coursing was presented. The speciality sighthound shows have become traditional events for sighthound enthusiasts, which can also be seen in the rising number of entries to the September shows. In 2005 the lure coursing was officially organised as a competition.

Today the club is one of the most active ones not only in Slovenia but in Europe as well, organising national and international events, breeding examinations, speciality CAC shows, national CACL and international CACIL coursings and also special shows such as the EIWC congress in 2008 in Kranjska gora and the FCI Euro Sighthound Show in Planica in 2019.

For the last few years, the autumn Beauty and Performance event has been a fixture in club's calendar, comprising Saturday's Specialty Show and Sunday's CACIL coursing.
Every year, the club also organizes the annual spring and autumn breeding examination and measurement of breeds that is required for obtaining the coursing license.

Let us not forget about the socialising of members at the club picnics, lure coursing trainings, and Christmas / New Year dinners. Occasionally, the club also publishes our own magazine HRTI.SI.
How active the club is can be see in the yearly litters of sighthounds in Slovenia, rising number of club members and attendance of the club's events.

Sighthound Club of Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the most active kennel clubs in Slovenia and is known as a great organizer of events across Europe.

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